Aian Bargirls are girls that work in bars mainly around South East Asia. The most popular of these bars are the go-go or bikini bars where girls will dance or gyrate to music for the entertainment of customers. Also popular are Karaoke style bars where girls sit next to customers and take turns in singing. Girls earn much of their income from special Ladies Drinks purchased for them which are usually smaller and more expensive than the same drink purchased by a customer. With most establishments there is an opportunity to take the girl out of the bar for payment of a small fee often referred to as a barfine. It is understood by all that this almost always includes some exchange of sexual favors. The two top Bargirl destinations in the world are currently Thailand and Philippines

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Thailand has been a top adult destination for decades and has an abundance of bars with bargirls throughout the entire country. The two main concentrations of bars are in Bangkok and Pattaya. Thailand has been very Adult Travel friendly but in recent times a curfew called the Cinderella law has been imposed which forces the bars to close at midnight. Prices have also increased significantly making it less attractive. Despite these setbacks Thailand remains a top adult destination for those seeking the company of professional bargirls.
Cambodia is a relatively new Adult travel destination having emerged from the horror of Pol Pot and subsequent occupation by Communist Vietnam. It also has a relatively small population but there is still plenty for the Adult traveller. The two main concentrations of bars are in Phnom Penh and Pak also called K11. Cambodia seems to run hot and cold on its attitude to Adult tourists with various crackdowns on establishments. Regardless of this it will not be hard to find a companion when you visit Cambodia. There are two types of girls available. The local Cambodian girls which have a similar appearance to Filipinas including the beautiful dark skin. There are also plenty of Vietnamese girls. The Cambodian girls are more reserved which visitors often mistake for unfriendliness. Cambodia can be very cheap but not as much fun as Thailand or Philippines.
At one time Japanese women populated brothels throughout South East Asia. Japanese girls working in brothels in places like Singapore and Malaysia existed right up until the Second World War. With the defeat of the Japan once again Japanese women worked in bars but this time inside Japan for the entertainment of the occupying forces. As Japan become more affluent the availability of Japanese women to Western adult travellers greatly diminished. While many there are still many bars in Japan these are extremely expensive and many blatantly practice racial discrimination only catering to Asians. There are still Japanese girls working in these bars but to cater for the demand of Japanese men many girls from other parts of Asia have been recruited. Japan is not a great adult destination for bargirls but its worth noting that the Japanese are very much into sex and fetishes. Bukkake originates in Japan. They also have some of the few real glory hole venues in Asia. There is also the infamous school girl fetish. So while not a great bargirl destination it is still and interesting country for the adult traveller.
Malaysia has never been a big adult travel destination but it was not difficult to find a companion and establishments offering adult entertainment a few decades ago. This situation has changed with the increasing influence of fundamentalist Islam ideas. Adult establishment catering to Adult travellers are well hidden and invisible to most visitors. Girls offering services to adult visitors are limited but far from being unavailable as the authorities would like to believe. The contact places include the bars attached to tourist hotels and the large shopping Malls. Malaysia is not considered a bargirl destination.
For many years Hong Kong was a top adult destination and a favourite for Servicemen on R&R up until the late 70s when increasing affluence reduced the availability. A bar district continued to operate in the 80s and 90s but was stocked by mainly Filipinas. Those familiar with James Bond may remember the Bottoms Up bar. Many also remember the film about Suzi Wong working in the Wan Chi red-light district. Today’s bars are basically rip-off establishments with very expensive drink prices and charges for girls that come and chat to you. I purchased a drink for two hoping they would go away. Big mistake. The cost of my one beer and their drinks was $100. I left. Now that Hong Kong has reverted to Chinese control we do not hear much about Hong Kong. There are reports coming out of China that adult entertainment is once again becoming available. Its still early days and Chinese is still very much a Communist dictatorship so time will tell.
Philippines is currently the number one destination for bargirls with an abundance of bars with bargirls throughout the entire country. The two main concentrations of bars are in Manila and Angeles City. The Philippines is still very Adult Travel friendly but like Thailand there is a move to try to “clean up” its image. There have been some small price increases in recent times but it remains one of the least expensive adult destinations in Asia. Another thing that makes Philippines the top destination is the attitude of the girls, which generally tends to be less mercenary than their Thai sisters.
Vietnam was once one of the top adult destinations in the world until the take over by the communists in 1975. Since then it has been hostile to Adult travelers and while things have improved in the past few years it still remains Adult traveler unfriendly. Hotels enforce laws strictly prohibiting single females visiting guests limiting opportunities. There are bars but not like in Thailand or Philippines. In these bars drinks are expensive and the opportunity to take a girl out is limited. It is possible to find a companion and place to take a girl but this is far more expensive than other adult destinations with some risk of harassment from corrupt officials. One day the Communist regime in Vietnam will fall and once gain Vietnam will become a top Adult destination. In the meantime if you want Vietnamese women in particular then Cambodia is the place to go.
Korean women have a reputation for being extremely skilled and accommodating. They are also some of the most beautiful women in all of Asia. During the Korean War and for some time after Seoul was a top adult destination. As opportunities in Japan started to dry up for serviceman a trip to near by Seoul become very attractive for R&R. Korea has followed in the footsteps of Japan and become increasingly expensive. Not only do servicemen currently in Korea go elsewhere for the company of bargirls but also in the last decade even Korean men have started to flock to places like the Philippines. Korean owned bars are starting to proliferate in places like Angeles city, which cater to Korean adult tourists. Finding entertainment and a companion in Korea is still possible but can be very expensive. There is also an increasing number of establishments practicing the same racial discrimination as seen in Japan by only allowing Asian patrons. Not a great bargirl destination.
Indonesia has a large and diverse population. It is predominantly Muslim and like most strongly Islamic countries has undergone are radical change adopting more conservative fundamentalist ideas. Despite this it continues to provide many opportunities for the adult traveller. One of the most famous of these is Batam Island nearby Singapore which has a number of bars with bargirls. Finding entertainment in the Capital Jakarta is also not difficult. Many also report availability at the resorts in Bali but this is more for young singles rather than single male adult travellers. There are probably more encounters between local Balinese men and single western girls than western men and Balinese girls. Despite the availability of adult entertainment Indonesia has become increasingly hostile to the West in recent times and is best avoided. Not a recommended Bargirl destination.
Singapore has always provided adult entertainment but these days its relatively expensive and far less exciting than the big adult traveler destinations. The Chinese tend to be very conservative and prefer things to be done far more discretely. In the 70s there was the infamous Bugis street often referred to as Boogie street which was wild. In particular is was known for having the world best looking transvestites so barhopping around their was risky depending on your preferences. The Singaporean government redeveloped the area making it like the rest of Singapore that is “nice and clean” but lack any character and soul. Fun can still be had in Singapore but its not a great Bargirl destination.